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Bubbles May 5, 2010

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Location: Woodside Square bench


Dear Perfect Stranger,

How are you today? I hope you’re doing well and if not, I hope that this note serves as a little pick-me-up during youd day. It’s spring and summer time now and the warmth has reminded me of bubbles. Here’s a poem I found entitled “BUBBLES” by Paula Jane Harrison.

Some bubbles rise up to the sky,
Some bubbles don’t, I don’t know why,
Easily popped by just one touch,
Easily missed by way too much.

Silent and round as we make it,
Being forgotten bit by bit,
Weaker and weaker as it grows,
That is what happens, I suppose.

Of all the ones that we condemn,
We don’t remember all of them.
Even when we continue to grow,
We still wonder where they go.

I want to be able to blow bubbles in the park or in a yard this spring. What childhood activity do you want to do?


Your friendly picker upper


3 Responses to “Bubbles”

  1. Sarah Says:

    I wish wordpress were like facebook. I would “like” this post.

  2. Mike Says:


    My girlfriend and I found this not while scrambling through a mall that was beyond its closing hours. Through all of our commotion your note caught the corner of my eye. After I pointed your note out to my girlfriend we were stranded as to what to do! After a brief deliberation as to “should we, shouldn’t we” we opened it and were truely blown away.

    Was it the poem that rang too true to believe to our personal lives? no.

    It was a genuine effort from a genuinely well intended individual.

    If your intentions with this note was to spread joy and a smile or two, then you have sucseeded with flying colours.

    Your note served as not only a pick-me-up, it also served a great lesson. We, as a society do not take the time to lift the spirits of those around us. You are an exception to that rule and without people like yourself, this world may be a worse place.

    We both applaud your cause and effort.

    We would like to sincerly say, thank you greatly for picking up our days 🙂

    Mike and Kamila

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