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A friendly picker upper for the perfect stranger.

Day Dream May 15, 2010

Filed under: Cards — neepaparikh @ 11:16 am

Location: What Girls Want mailbox on Main Street Unionville


Dear Perfect Stranger,

How are you doing today? I’d like to let you in on one of my day dreams. Ready? Let’s go!

Imagine that you’re in a beautiful prairie surrounded by thousands and thousands of golden plants. The plants sway back and forth in the breeze as you walk along the path, brushing the tops of their stalks. You keep walking along the path watching the sun make its slow descent creating a beautiful mosaic of pinks, yellows and blues in the sky.

Slowly it becomes cooler as you approach your destination – a great big oak tree. You sit in its shade quietly and let the sound of the wind and rustling leaves gently rock you to sleep. That sleep, in my imagination would probably be one of the best sleeps I ever get. I hope that you were able to immerse yourself in my day dream. Have a good day!


Your friendly picker upper


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