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Clarification May 24, 2010

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During the past few weeks of living at home, I have realized something: I don’t really know anything about anything. The older I become, the more I’ve come to understand the expression ‘the more you learn, the less you know.’ What I have learned is that unfortunately, life can’t be broken up into convenient little subjects like science, history, geography and math. Life lessons aren’t taught in school or by your parents. Life lessons seem to be learned through life experiences.

Knowing this, I also know that I haven’t experienced much. I haven’t experienced heart-break. I haven’t experience true adversity. Even as a somewhat independent student, I’ve been really lucky to have family and friends who have skilfully protected me from stressful and difficult situations. I have parents who have always been there to buffer the tension of financial worries. And every time I’ve failed or even come close to failing, someone has always been there to pick me up and help me get back on my feet again.

So as much as I’d like to declare myself an authority on life, I can’t. I have to get off my moral high horse and leave judgement to those more experienced. I have to clear my slate and start from the beginning. Because really, what do I know anyways?

So then what are these notes? If I really don’t know anything then why do I write about life and beauty and chance? Well, perhaps one could look at these notes as field notes, notes of observations and conclusions that I have come across while living life. They are lessons that I’ve learned or things that I’ve seen that I’d like to share with others. Maybe that makes these notes boring but to me, that just makes these notes more genuine.


2 Responses to “Clarification”

  1. Amanda Says:

    That quote really speaks to me. I’m a student in a co-op program of a university and just through talking with classmates and co-workers, it does seem that the more you learn, the more you discover things you don’t know about and can learn about, it’s almost a vicious cycle. I guess what you have to do is choose to learn about what is important and/or interesting to you.

    I have a friend who showed me this site a while back, and I’ve liked it so much that I’ve put it on my toolbar, and I click on it now and then to see what I’ve missed. It always gives me something to think about.

  2. Thank you Amanda for your kind words! The more you learn about something, the more questions arise and you realize there’s more to that topic than you originally thought. I love the cycle.

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