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Stand out or blend in? April 15, 2010

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Location: A stairwell


Dear Perfect Stranger,

How are you today? I’m quite well thank you.  I hope that this note serves as a little pick-me-up during your day.

I have a question for you. Is it better to be unique and stand out and receive extra attention OR is it better to be similar to others and blend in? I don’t have an answer for you because I myself don’t know. There are pro’s to blending in with the crowd – you can avoid unwanted attention, there  is a sense of comfort. Plus, there’s always strength in numbers. But, there are also pro’s to being unique – there is no need to change you are and you can like and as you please.

Maybe we’re all really part of both things. We’re all human so we do have many of the same characteristics but we do have differences – clothing, musical taste etc. Maybe it’s just a matter of being comfortable with who you are not caring who knows it. I think confidence is key. It’s what can make us attractive and allows us to be comfortable. So, I guess be happy with you are and SMILE!


Your friendly picker upper