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Youth April 19, 2010

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Location: Outside Thode library (left by a friend)


Dear perfect stranger,

How are you doing today? I’m doing quite well thank you. It’s April which for me usually means a bazillion birth days. As I’m getting older, I’m starting to understand the value of youth. I currently work with kids and that’s what I want to do for the summer too.

See, I still feel like a kid. I feel bad for my friends who are working so hard. Sure, the money they’re making seems tempting to have, but I guess as long as I have enough to get by, that’s fine by me. I’m pretty much living the easy life right now and for the summer. I’ll be having a blast working with kids, not making much money but that just means I’ll have to work again during the school year. I can work for the rest of my life but I can’t work at a camp and do arts and crafts forever.

I don’t want an hour commute to the office. I don’t want lunch meetings. I don’t want my name on a business card. I don’t want to have a separate work number, fax number and e-mail. I want to have fun now because I won’t be able to later. So embrace your youth. Live it.


Your friendly picker upper