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Healing – Caroline Myss March 5, 2012

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The soul always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind.
– Caroline Myss


Happiness – Aristotle January 6, 2011

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One swallow does not make a summer, neither does one fine day; similarly one day or brief time of happiness does not make a person entirely happy.
– Aristotle


Gross National Happiness June 5, 2010

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Location: Toronto Zoo


Dear Perfect Stranger,

How are you today? I hope you’re doing well and if not, I hope this note serves as a little pick-me-up during your day.

I was browsing the Toronto Star a couple of days ago and I came across a rather intriguing article about the small, secluded country of Bhutan and its education system. Seems to me they’ve got education right. A king of Bhutan in 1999 unveiled a plan, called the Four Pillars of Happiness, which promised to measure the small country’s GNH (gross national happiness). It placed emphasis on environmentalism, national culture, good governance and economic development.

Recently, the four pillars have been infused into Bhutan’s education systems. It’s being encouraged to bring gross national happiness into the curriculum including into courses like math and science. What is really created is more of a focus on community and well-being. The article tells of meditation being introduced for a few minutes at the beginning and end of each school day. Parents have been asked to stop driving their kids to school and the kids actually seem to like it. Also, to continue focusing on environmentalism, students have adopted streams and are involved in clean-ups every few weeks.

Seems to me like more of this small country, nestled between India and Nepal’s ideas need to be adopted in North America. Have a good day!


Your friendly picker upper 🙂


Happiness – Aristotle May 4, 2010

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“Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence.” – Aristotle