Pick Me Ups

A friendly picker upper for the perfect stranger.

Not so great response April 18, 2010

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Regardless of the level of embarrassment I endured when leaving the last note in the lobby, I thought it was a good idea. What I found out was that students more than being appreciative of the note asked the question “Who does that?” Well my friends, the answer to that question is someone who has learned to appreciate the little things in life and is willing to do what it takes to get a smile. Sure, you may find the notes stupid and a waste, but if you’re making fun of the note with your friend, are you not laughing? Bam! Mission accomplished. I don’t worry about how the  note influences you just that the note does influence you.

With that noted, I’d like to say that despite the negativity I’m finding students are projecting when reading the notes, I am not going to be discouraged. There have been plenty of responses and comments on this blog that are positive. Yes, many of these have come from notes left outside of the student bubble but that will not stop my notes from getting into student hands. Apologies students. If you don’t love the note, show it to your friend, make some jokes, laugh a little at my expense. It’s all good. As long as you are smiling I’m happy.


Great Response April 17, 2010

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Today was probably the most eventful day I’ve had when it comes to this blog. Aside from being completely embarrassed, I had an incredible encounter earlier in the day. I work at an elementary school some days and I left one of my first cards on a water fountain there a few weeks ago. I knew who would pick up the card because I knew who cleans around there.

Today while washing my hands, that very same person asked if she could have a word with me. Her questions were thought out and came out slowly. First she asked me about my classroom, if I’d seen any cards lying around, if I knew about the Pick Me Ups, and finally if I knew the author and I answered that I do. She then explained to me that she knew it had to be me that left that note because there’s nobody else that would have done it. Certainly no students in the school at the time would have and there were no teachers around at the time so it had to be me. I panicked a little and a voice in my head said “Deny it all.” She smiled though and I told her yes, it was me and I explained the purpose of the notes to her.

She then told me how great she felt while reading the card. It really served as a pick me up for her that day. Instead of dreading the long night of cleaning ahead of her, she worked quickly so that she could show the card to others. She said it’s not about the message, but the gesture. She told me the Pick Me Ups were a great idea and that others should do the same sort of thing. We talked for a few more minutes and I walked away with a skip in my step.

I’ve made someone’s day brighter. Mission accomplished 🙂


Smile – Shakespeare March 31, 2010

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The robbed that smiles, steals from the thief. – William Shakespeare, Othello


Hello world! March 5, 2010

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Don’t believe in the power of being positive? Well, I do. I believe that everyone could use a little bit of brightening in their day and what better way to do that than through an anonymous card? Along with random bouts of positive thinking, this blog will document some of the anonymous notes I’ve left for perfect strangers to read. Some will take them as a little pick me up, others will find them nonsensical and creepy. I write these cards for the portion of the population who finds a card, reads it and smiles because one smile is worth the three cards that are thrown away as trash.

So read my pick me ups and maybe leave some of your own!